One of the greatest benefits of Pilates for me, is that is has significantly increased by core strength and has given me a body awareness that I did not previously have. This has improved by performance in every other type of exercise that I enjoy.
— Cindy

Before I started taking Pilates, I constantly suffered from bodily aches, pains and general fatigue. Now that I have been doing Pilates for over a year, all of those problems are gone.
— Katherine

I’ve lost weight. I feel taller and my posture has improved. I feel I know my body so much better after starting Pilates and at the same time, I’m amazed at the things I didn’t know I could do.
— Nadia

Having an awesome instructor that takes care to make sure you do the exercises properly so as to not injure yourself while doing mat classes or working out on the equipment.
— John

I most value having an instructor who is very aware of her students, their strengths and weaknesses, their form, their activities outside of the Pilates studio and how all of these factors impact their session.
— C.B.

I feel like Pilates clears my mind so after a session I feel focused and grounded, like I can handle anything the day might have in store for me.
— N.P.

The main result is more energy, followed closely by overall body strength and flexibility. It has been absolutely life changing. I would not be able to do what I do if it weren’t for Pilates.
— K.B.